Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy new week :)

Great news grade six. I have pushed back the due date for your foldable to Friday Feb. 10th. This means that everything that we have discussed in class should be included in some way or another and presentation should be immaculate.

Grade six assignment   Given 2.6.2012                                  Due 2.8.2012
Topic: Kinds of Polygons.

Title: The colors of the Olympics
Use internet resources or an Atlas to find images of national flags from the following countries.
Use the images that you have found to answer the questions from the worksheet given.
The countries are:
·        Taiwan
·        Sweden
·        Jamaica
·        United Kingdom
·        South Africa
·        Tanzania
·        Sudan
·        Kuwait
Have fun with numbers 9 and 10. This should be done on blank sheets. Rulers, markers and colored pencils will certainly make your personal flags pop.

Grade eight: Beautiful presentations. I'm looking forward to see the others tomorrow. Love to see how you are stepping up your game, way to go Guys!!

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  1. Hey Ms.Campbell, I need to see the hmwork assignment for 6th graders for 2/8/2012, so I can coincide this with Alex's planner.