Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seventh Graders

Please remember to revise for your Test!!

Lets see those of you who have done your Home Work :)

Matt and Michelle enjoy a romantic evening at The Golden Lamp. The waiter has done an excellent job, and they want to leave him a nice tip of 15%.

                            The Golden Lamp

                1 Jumbo Shrimp                  $14.95
                1 Chicken Salad                   $ 7.95
                2 Cheesecakes                      $ 6.40
                W/strawberries                    $ 1.50
                2 Soft drinks                        $ 2.50
                Grilled vegetables                $ 5.95
                W/extra ranch                     $ 0.75

As generous restaurant patrons, they will tip the waiter after the tax of 7% is calculated.

What amount will Matt put on his credit card for the total bill, plus tax and tip?

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