Monday, October 31, 2011

Welcome back

Just a couple weeks to go and we will be staring at thanksgiving week, use your time wisely. Happy Halloween guys, get dressed in your costumes and get right to the assignments after you go trick or treating. Do not have too many candies.

Grade eight, look at special right triangles as you prepare for tomorrows class.

Grade six: Please write an explanation for scientific notation and complete the research paper for Friday's class. The other worksheet should come in with you on Wednesday. I had a great class with you and your behavior and participation was perfect.

See you Wednesday.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Assignment for the long weekend

Grade seven, while you are enjoying your Friday off from school, do take some time to visit to practice exercises from grade 7 consumer math; this is found under percent application. The questions relating to tax, tips, commissions and discounts will keep your skills sharp.

In addition, please complete, in your composition books, problems 24-33 from page 493 of your text.

You do not need to write the questions out but you do need to properly number your questions and show all working for each response. Simply putting an answer on the page will not be sufficient. Responses should be presented in the same manner in which they were done on the board in class.

Grade eight; please complete the worksheet you are currently working on on multiplication and division of radicals. Remember to rationalize the denominators if they are irrational.

Grade six; work on writing numbers as product of their prime factors, writing numbers as powers and evaluating numerical expressions by using the order of operations. All of these concepts are on the worksheet that you were given to complete over the weekend.

Guys do remember to take a few minutes each day to visit so that you can practice to get better.

See you on Monday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Home Work Due Dates

Hi Guys,
Grade Eight, please complete the radical sheets and let me have them on Thursday afternoon before you leave.

Grade Seven, continue to work on using the Simple Interest formula to solve for Rate, Time and Principal. Bring your revised assignments to class on Wednesday.

Grade six, take to class the completed worksheet that had you evaluating numbers that are written in exponential form.

Work hard guys:-)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Practice makes Perfect

Hi everyone, the homework schedule is as follows:
Grade six: worksheet on writing numbers in index form
Grade seven: Complete worksheet on Simple interest
Grade eight: Complete the worksheet on the product and quotient rules of radicals

Sunday, October 16, 2011

If you haven't already done it... Go do it now.

Hi guys just a quick reminder to let you know that you do have home work to turn in come Monday and Tuesday.

Grade eight, the completed systems of inequalities packages should be completed for Monday's class.
Grade six, don't forget to take in your prime factorization worksheet.

Grade seven...Simple Interest information and brochures please.

Do enjoy the rest of your weekend and come ready to go on Monday.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Way to Go Guys

Grade seven please remember to complete your SPORTS STUFF ON SALE worksheets, have them signed and return to class tomorrow. Be careful when calculating discounts...tip: change your percents to decimals then multiply. Congratulations to Timmie, James C and Jonathan H.. please share the knopwledge.

Grade six:Please tighten up on your multiplication facts as wellmas division. Complete your DIVIDE THE SAVINGS worksheet for your assignment this afternoon. Have the assignment signed before you turn them in. In addition, I want you to visit and spend some time working on rules of divisibility.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We are back on spot

Sorry guys for being out sooo long. You are all doing a wonderful job of keeping up with your assignments... both in and out of the classroom and that's all I could ever ask addition to practicing and studying hard.

Grade eight please remember to pay close attention to graphing linear inequalities. You need to know which section of your graph will be shaded and whether or not your represention of the inequality will demand that you have a broken or an unbroken line segment. Use your knowledge of graphing linear equations to help you identify the y-intercepts as well as your slopes. I look forward to seeing your completed assignments on Thursday

Grade Seven, in Wednesday's class we will be doing further work with tax and tip. The HW worksheet you are completing on discounts will help you tremendously when you start adding up these bills. Keep working hard and never give up.By the way, I enjoyed your enthusiasm in todays really did a wonderful job with your calculations.