Monday, September 19, 2011

So much little time!

Guys, make sure that you are managing your time well. Too little effort and time is being spent on completing your projects well.

Grade Six..please complete your foldables and take them to me by Wednesday's class. In addition, you need to have ready on Wednesday the problems that were given to you on the worksheet. Please be reminded that you are using the distributive property to solve these questions.

Grade Eight... I have come across some beautifully made math lectures by Julie Harland. Please take some time to browse through her work at You will be glad you did.

Grade Seven, Im looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Please bring your best math brains along with your homework to class  :-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Keeping up?

Hi guys, are you keeping up?
Guys, you should be buckling down to some very serious work. Before you know it, the midsemester exams will be rolling around and by then the workload will be much greater. Pace yourselves well and seek help when you do not understand a particular concept. Remember you get out of this class what you put in, therefore let us put in the hard work to ensure success.

Grade Eight, you are doing a wonderful job of doing what is required...keep up the hard work(practice as much as you can).
Thank you David for your assistance with class today. Those videos, especially "Teach me how to factor", were awesome. The boys clearly enjoyed them.
Remember to complete your worksheet for Wednesday's class.

Grade Seven...You will be going to the NASHER museum of Art at Duke University tomorrow, come prepared to do a lot of math in addition you have a make up quiz on Friday. Do all assignments and be ready to share your findings with each other.

Grade Six, you did an outstanding job on your first major assignment...keep working hard. Remember to learn your multiplication facts up to your twelve times table for this week's classes.

To each of you remember  "HARD WORK BRINGS TRUE JOY"
This was the motto of the High School I attended back home, maybe we could make it ours...that's if you do not already have one.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome back from your extended weekend Guys

Assignment for grade 7:
Continue working on proportional reasoning.
Complete work on maps and scale drawings. Make sure to take accurate measurement of distances between specified places. Use the given scale to help set up your proportion then use cross multiplication to solve for missing distances.

Assignment for grade 8:
Please complete exercise32-34 and 41-42 on page 736 0f yout text

All  grades:
Remember to prepare for your upcoming quizzes on Friday the 9th of September.