Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home work line up

Grade 6:
Please take to class on Wednesday the information needed to complete the poster board for your assignment/project.

Grade 7:
Complete the give problems relating to proportional reasoning(exercise5-5). This is due in Wednesday the 31st. August class.

Grade 8:
Literal Equations and Formulas: Change the subject to the letters in bracket in the given equations. This is due in Thursday the 1st. September class.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Assignment Schedule for students

Grade 6:
Complete the worksheets given on rounding whole numbers and decimals. Even though you do not have a class on Tuesday, that evening's assignment should be completed in homework help and should be returned on Wednesday.
Your group project on numbers is due on Thursday

Grade 7:
If you have not done so by now, please complete the questions on sharing a given quantity in proportional parts. Please do not hand in any "short hand" work, show steps in solving each problem.

Grade 8:
We have just started wok on Formulae but I am impressed with how receptive you are to the concept. Continue working on the problems you started in class and we will further discuss areas of concern when you return.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grade 7 assignment due Aug. 26th

Catch up on your Math guys!

Grade 6 assignment due Aug 25th
Please continue looking at the extended place value chart on page 121 of your text, recognize how decimals are written and read. Do the five practice exercises given from the following page. We will further discuss this topic in class tomorrow. Please come to class with relevant questions.

Grade 7 assignment due Aug. 26th

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Assignment schedule

Welcome students and parents to the new school year.
I am delighted to be guiding you 7th and 8th graders through another year and am especially excited to be working with my new students.

6th graders your first project  WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT NUMBERS? is due on the on 1st of September. I will be checking on your progress on a daily basis, therefore, please take to class the data that your groups have collected.

August 22, 2011: Complete worksheet (Write the names for the numbers given) Due Wed. 25th. Aug.

7Th graders

Please look over and get familiar with the vocabulary associated with Ratio. Students who need assistance with writing equivalent fractions as well as simplification of fractions could visit IXL.com or cool math.com to do some of the exercises that are provided. Do not have access to the internet? Please don’t be afraid to utilize your teacher, your text or your friends. You will need these skills to work with Ratio and Proportion.

August 22, 2011: From Text, page 402 # 46 – 55. Due Wed. 25th Aug.

8th graders
Am I excited to see you working so hard? Of course I am. Please keep bringing it, you will only get better…I promise you.

Continue working on your algebra work-sheet. This assignment is due on Thursday 26th August. Those of you who are already finished with this assignment please look at writing and solving inequalities in one variable. Please be careful with the vocabulary associated with a particular inequality sign. This can be found on page 148 of your text.

Please work hard at your specific task.