Friday, October 29, 2010

Activities for the upcoming week

Hi Guys,
I want to share with you how excited and proud I was of you this past two weeks. Grade Seven students you were exemplary at the NASHER and I knew you took away a great experience that only serves to bring all the theoretical aspect of scale drawing that we were doing in class to life.

Grade Eight students you brought it home when you did your freestyling on Pythagoras' Theorem. If he were still alive he would have been sooo very proud of you. This topic I know you do understand. Emmannuel, I dont know who can say anything to you about special right triangles or Pythagorean Triples?...I really dont know. If you do, please tell them to step up!

The group I hung out with at the Museum of History and the Museum of Natural Science....I had a wonderful time. You were well behaved as well as very curious about the exhibits...we are all proud of you.

To all groups, please be reminded that you will be receiving a test on next week Tuesday(7&8)Friday(6). Grade eight will be focussing on The Pythagorean Theorem, Grade Seven-ratio, proportion and percents while grade Six will be tested on Factors and Indices.

Grade six, you should focus your attention on reviewing how to list the factors or multiples of numbers, writing numbers as product of their prime factors,writing numbers in index form, writing a power in standard form, basic computation with powers as well as finding the LCM or GCF of sets of numbers.

Parents, thanks for your support and all the words of appreciation and encouragement you gave at the parent/teacher conference we had this past Friday. Educating our students is a collaborative effort and I am very happy to be blessed with parents who do understand this and are willing to work with us for the betterment of their child/ward. Thanks a million!!!

Have a great weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

7th Graders

Hey there Guys.I hope you had a marvelous time at your retreat this past weekend. Just a few reminders for this week
1. Your group project is due on October 21st.
2. Remember to search the newspaper for the use of percents on sale coupons,in sports, weather or any news item that you read. This will go towards the work that you will be asked to submit for your second project...Happy hunting.

Go 6th graders go!!!!

Sixth graders, you are doing a wonderful job with your multiplication facts. Continue to study those table and apply what was learned to other areas of computation.

I want you to work on rounding whole numbers to a desired place value. You are slipping in this area.We will start the rest of this week's classes doing this procedure as our warm up activity.

Also keep working on writing numbers as product of their prime factors since we will be utilizing this procedure to find the LCM and the GCF of sets of numbers in the coming classes.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hi guys, I know that you are on top of learning about your special right triangles, nevertheless, I found this great video and thought that it would be helpful to the learning process. Happy viewing.

Come prepared to discuss next week.

Friday, October 1, 2010


  • Please have test signed and return to me on Monday, October 4, 2010.
  • Complete the graph of the points given on the worksheet and use the Pythagorean Theory to find the distance between given pairs of points.


  • Please be reminded that you should have the first two professions from your project completed for this week's checkpoint.
  • Please take some time to visit the website to practice working on solving proportions.


  • Grade six students are asked to get their divisibility worksheet signed. These should be returned to me on Monday, October 4, 2010.
  • On Monday, they will be quizzed on vocabulary relating to factors and multiples. The students already have a worksheet from which they are studying.
  • Students should also be able to, in this quiz, clearly demonstrate the properties of math that are related to addition as well as their multiplication facts.
  • Students are reminded to visit to practice working on their multiplication facts. Some have already done so and are excited about playing against each other. Way to go guys.