Monday, February 20, 2012


Grade 6
Complete the worksheet given in class today by writing the formula for each problem. Plug in the numbers in their correct position then calculate the circumference of each problem. Do this in your notebooks.

Friday, February 17, 2012

weekend log

Thank you guys for stepping up to the plate this week. Your quiz grades are improving and I'm hoping that we will be able to keep this momentum going through to the end of the year. Great job grade eight.  Grade six. don't forget to have your parents sign today's quiz and return it to me on Monday.

Grade six assignment: Complete the worksheet on finding the circumference of the circle.

Grade seven. Complete the algebra worksheet.

Grade eight finish working on the surface area and Volume worksheet that you started in class.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Grade six homework
Draw a circle: Please use your compasses.
Put in and label the:
1.       Circumference
2.       The radius
3.       The diameter
4.       A chord
Use different color markers to identify these parts.

Grade eight: complete the assignment given from your text.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy new week :)

Great news grade six. I have pushed back the due date for your foldable to Friday Feb. 10th. This means that everything that we have discussed in class should be included in some way or another and presentation should be immaculate.

Grade six assignment   Given 2.6.2012                                  Due 2.8.2012
Topic: Kinds of Polygons.

Title: The colors of the Olympics
Use internet resources or an Atlas to find images of national flags from the following countries.
Use the images that you have found to answer the questions from the worksheet given.
The countries are:
·        Taiwan
·        Sweden
·        Jamaica
·        United Kingdom
·        South Africa
·        Tanzania
·        Sudan
·        Kuwait
Have fun with numbers 9 and 10. This should be done on blank sheets. Rulers, markers and colored pencils will certainly make your personal flags pop.

Grade eight: Beautiful presentations. I'm looking forward to see the others tomorrow. Love to see how you are stepping up your game, way to go Guys!!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Grade six
Grade six foldable project.   Topic: Polygons
Due Date: Wednesday February 8, 2012
Make a foldable of your choice. (Style wise)
·         Define Polygons
·         Differentiate between a regular polygon and an irregular polygon
·         Differentiate between convex and concave polygons
·         Draw and label polygons up to 12 sides  (you might not be able to draw some of these therefore a collage of pictures is acceptable)
·         Explain how the polygons got their names
·         Make mention of the number of sides and the number of interior angles that each has
·         Write the sum of the interior angles of the polygons you have used.
·         Label the vertices of the polygons you have drawn
·         Explain what a diagonal is. How is the diagonal used in relation to calculating the sum of the interior angles of a polygon?
Foldables should be neat and attractive
Pencils should be used to draw
Colored pencils can be used to color or shade
Information provided should be clear and accurate.

Grade seven: Continue working on Probability research. Big shout out to Christian and Josh for a beautiful presentation today. Guys remember when you are asked to present, you should bring your A game since during that presentation period you are actually the "teacher in charge". All Information that you provide should be clear and accurate.

Grade eight: Next week we will continue to work on the properties of both two and three dimensional figures. Go dig for those old notes..they will come in handy for our classes.